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Travelminia is an online marketplace for travelers to plan without needing to worry about security and language barrier as our local guides are available. Travelminia provides certified driver guides and customizable itineraries that are reviewed by other travelers around the world. We caters to both group and individual clients providing wide range of choices for local and international travel arrangements at a very competitive price. We specialize in both inbound and outbound tour packages in various Asian destinations. The company is also recognized in the industry as an accredited wholesaler of local and international tour packages.

Our Mission

Travelminia aims to deliver quality and excellent travel services to both group or individual clients through flight bookings, local/international tour packages, hotel bookings, and personalized travel assistance. Our company ensures to arrange our tours based upon the clients’ special interests of destination, duration and trip size with the most reasonable price.

We are Travelminia

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Our Journey

Back in 2016, we use to sell our services online and that time online platform was on the lines and everybody was liking to book from online for best offers and competitive price. We started with a vision to sell activities and experiences (the last mile of travel) online. It seemed like an impossible vision to almost all VCs we met then; today Travelminia is the country’s most thrilling name when it comes to activities and experiences. With more than 1 M online traffic, we have catered to more than 5lakhs+ customers. Started with experiences in Kolkata, today Travelminia sells experiences of 15 Asian countries with Dubai, Thailand, Singapore and Bali leading the charts after India.

Product Offering